Start Thinking Passphrases  


Passwords have become a necessary evil in our daily lives over the past decade, and even when we think we’re being smart about them, we often play right into hacker’s hands.


You might think you’re being sneaky by replacing letters with special characters, like “@” for “a,” or “$” to replace “s.” But hackers are on to those tricks, and they love our propensity towards predictability!


Concentrate on length of your passwords, and stop thinking passwords and begin thinking passphrases. Your password ends up being much longer, and easier for you to remember!


The longer your password, the harder it is for hackers to guess what your password is.


But just because you have a long password, doesn’t mean you can skip out on the complex elements like numbers and special characters! 12345678 is just as poor of a choice as its always been.


The bottom line: longer passphrases help protect us so much more effectively than shorter passwords.