Now, Instant Debit Card alerts allow you to monitor your debit card spending.   After enrolling for text alerts, any time you use your debit card, you will automatically receive a text alert.* Example:  “Your debit card ending in XXXX was authorized for $XX.XX at Store ID (wherever you have used it).   Available balance is $XXX.XX. Text ‘STOP’ to end.” 
Simply phone Customer Service at 405-789-1110 to enroll in text alerts for the cell phone number of your choice.   We will tie that phone number to your debit card &/or account and you will immediately get alerts whenever you use your debit card.  You will always know when your card is used!
*Participating carriers include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Boost, Virgin Mobile, MetroPCS, Alltel AWCC, Cricket, Google Voice, and U.S. Cellular.   Debit card alerts will not work on pre-paid phones or phone cards, as those usually do not accommodate text messaging. There are no bank charges; however, normal charges from phone carrier apply.